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Creating New Standards

For almost half a century since 1969, Poppy has been developing the artificial flower and greenery industry in Japan, and is the only manufacturer in Japan with its own production facilities. At present, we import and sell products sourced from Japan and abroad to professional florists, interior designers, space designers, hotel and commercial facility designers, and interior decorators. We also develop and sell products to general consumers through home improvement stores, 100 yen shops, and specialty stores located throughout Japan. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to complete all processes in-house, from product planning, development and production to sales promotion, distribution, sales, and education. At our Hong Kong partner’s showroom in China, we are able to provide local services that only a company with its own factory can offer, such as direct product selection and consultation on planning of product bundles.

Overseas Production Sites and Japan Distribution Centers

Dongguan, China


Dongguan, China


Yokohama, Japan

Office / Store / Showroom

Kimitsu, Japan


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