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Our Business

One Stop Service

We deliver products through seamless service encompassing production, sales, and proposals.

Marketing & Development

Product development capabilities that meet the times

We carry out thorough marketing based on the needs of the times and consumer sentiment, and employ top-level Japanese designers from both inside and outside the company to help us plan and develop products. Our advanced product development capabilities also make us the go-to partner for contract manufacturing of other companies’ branded products.

Factory & Supply

High-quality in-house production

With over 30 years of in-house production experience, technical capabilities, and approximately 34,000 types of molds, we carry out all processes from individual production processes to assembly, packing, package manufacturing, and printing in our own factories. The automation of production facilities makes it possible to supply high-quality products with short lead times.

Factory Introduction Video

Factory Website

Shop & Sales Channels

Sales channels covering professionals through end users

We operate the YOKOHAMA Display Museum, Japan’s largest flower and interior specialty shop, to showcase examples of displays and interior coordination and to sell the featured items.

Virtual Store


Proactive showcasing of product features and coordination tips

We present sales floor proposals tailored to each sales channel, propose workshops, and introduce end users to how to use and display our products through our website and social media accounts. We also offer a variety of sales promotion tools designed for each channel.



Human resource development to improve display quality

Now in its 20th year, JDCA is Japan’s first academy to nurture display creators. It has an established reputation for its advanced curriculum that seeks to develop human resources capable of planning, constructing, and presenting displays. Classes and workshops are led by current industry professionals.


Production and construction of custom-made large trees

We can produce and install original designs for commercial facilities, stores, offices, etc.

Custom-made large cherry blossoms

designed flower arrangement

Store & Showroom in Japan

YOKOHAMA Display Museum

The YOKOHAMA Display Museum is Japan’s largest flower and interior specialty shop.
We create seasonal displays in our store and showroom, enabling visitors to better envisage how to coordinate interior items.
We collect, display, and sell space design items from both Japan and around the world.

Diverse sales channels

We distribute our products via various channels, from high-end lifestyle retailers to 100 yen stores.

100 yen shops

5,500 stores

Home improvement stores

800 stores

General merchandise stores

500 stores

Lifestyle retailers

200 stores

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