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High quality & High sensitivity Decoration

High quality & High sensitivity Decoration

Our company’s major products center on artificial flowers and greenery. At our large scale showroom in Yokohama, we sell the various tools we buy from Japan and abroad in order to enable integrated spatial decoration arrangement, and we propose displays at the same time.
Our major clients are spatial designers, construction companies, and specialty firms that handle flower decoration. Products are distributed as display items in various spaces such as at commercial facilities, hotels, and public facilities around the country. In order to commit to a policy of coherent <workmanship>, we have established a production line that completes the entire following sequence within the company: planning and development, manufacturing, distribution, sales promotion, and sales. Furthermore, we are always producing new ideas and products as we research changes in the consumer’s mind and the needs of the era, thereby enhancing product competitiveness.

Our work is used in various spatial displays in Japan.

In contemporary Japan where material goods abound, the value of spatial display in commercial facilities and retail stores is being reviewed. In the current trend, economic analysts, too, are putting the spotlight on spatial displays, which work on the buyer’s psychology. To create spaces that suit contemporary lifestyles, our products have been attracting more and more attention, and demand has been increasingly on the rise in recent years.
(Photos from the left: greening wall display at a coffee shop, flower decoration at a wedding hall,Flower decoration of restaurants, and Christmas display at a shopping mall)

FLAGSHIP STORE "Yokohama Display Museum"

It is one of the largest specialty stores in Japan for flowers
and interior design. We are always disseminating models of
integrated coordination according to new trends.

Poppy runs the "Yokohama Display Museum", which is one of the largest specialty stores for decoration items in Japan. The store is located next to the Port of Yokohama, an international trading port, and it is the source of the "Yokohama Display Museum Brand", which is based on a concept of "highly sensitive integrated coordination with flowers and interior design." Including original items that have been developed in-house, selected spatial display items have been gathered from Japan and abroad to the store, where they are being exhibited and sold.

Area for spatial displays by lifestyle

Major products: artificial flowers, artificial greenery, artificial trees, large planters, seasonal decorations, signboards, display food, vases, dried flowers, preserved flowers, floral design supplies, store fixtures, commercial lighting, miscellaneous antique goods, etc.

Area for flower supplies
The store extends over two floors on an area of 3,000 square meters, and it is one of the largest showrooms nationwide. On the first floor, spatial displays based on lifestyles are displayed. Spatial displays have been arranged by coordinating with furniture, lighting, etc. In addition, we offer high quality materials as we propose new possibilities for green displays. On the second floor, with a focus on artificial flowers, we handle vases, flower bowls, and other flower design supplies of domestic and foreign brands. In addition to supplying material goods, we regularly hold design workshops for flower designers and have thus won their support from around the country as a specialty store that disseminates the newest information on flower decoration.


We run a professional school to train the display creators of the future.

Yokohama Display Museum, Main Store. Address: Arte Yokohama 1F/2F, Ohno-cho 1-8, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

We run a professional school to train the future’s creators. Japan Display Creator Academy is characterized by its practical curriculum that considers the space inside the "Yokohama Display Museum" as the place of learning. We train people who can take on the entire sequence of work that a creator is involved in: planning, presentation, creating the display objects, installing, and showing. The instructors are all professionals who are currently active in the field. By developing human resources with rich sensibility and technique, the sustainable creation of a rich market into the future becomes possible. In order to create the future’s spatial displays, we comprehensively offer "material goods, nonmaterial services, and human resource development". We uphold this corporate policy that is unmatched nationwide.

Company overview

Company overview

Business overview:

  1. Production, import, and wholesale of
    display goods and artificial flowers
  2. Planning and development of products
    and proposing displays
  3. OEM manufacturing
  4. Training of display creators

Major clients




We employ 1,000 workers at our large site of about 66,000 square meters in Guangdong Province, China. With a focus on artificial flowers and greenery, we are proud of our annual production of 700TEU (shipping containers). At this plant, we have over 30,000 models of flowers and a rich variety of stains and processing technology, and we cater to a wide range of demands.
Goods that are manufactured here are shipped to countries in Europe and North America as well as to other parts of the globe, and we have an established reputation for quality and a competitive price range.

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